Lucanus is a specialised client advisor with focus on management and execution of complex and mega projects as well as big data and advanced analytics within project management and facilities management. Mega projects needs a different approach to succeed as many of the existing project management skills, tools and methodology developed for smaller projects and project portfolios no longer will apply.

We make our customers succeed by:

  • Deliver expert project management ressources to lead the entire project, sub projects or individual workstreams. The ressources can be allocated to the project as body shopping, full time, part time or as interim ressources, that assist the project organisation during peak, maternity leave or change of personel.
  • Advising on project strategy, project execution, project organisation, risk assessment, project tools and methodology.
  • Undertake construction management and coordinate the different contractors on site.
  • Manage project joint ventures and project consortiums back office processĀ“ by assisting with the contractual foundation, managing cash flow from the client to the individual consortium partners, monthly or quarterly status reports on economy, progress and deliveries and organizing steering committee or board meetings.
  • Optimizing and automating processes and workflows based on advanced analytics and big data. Our insights is always based on a deep understanding of the cost drivers and business process' of the operation in scope.