Interim Project Management

Lucanus can assist with interim project management ressources, either as extra project ressources that assist your own project management team during peak or as project manager when your lack project management due to job change, sick leave or maternity leave.

Interim project management will keep the project on track and ensure continuity so that money is saved and lost time reduced to a minimum. 

The basis for our work is a thorough understanding of the end users needs and business processes. That understanding is key to make the right decisions and prioritize through the life span of the project.

We have the tools and methodology in place to manage complex projects and make sure that your project will succeed by assisting with:

  • Master plans.

  • Business plans.

  • Execution strategy.

  • Division of the project into manageable sub projects.

  • Interfaces between sub projects.  

  • Scheduling

  • Procurement strategy.

  • Contract Management.

  • Meeting moderator, presentations and minutes of meetings.

  • Cash flow.

  • Risk assessment.

  • Progress on site.

  • HSE - Health-Safety-Environment.

  • Approvals and authorities.

  • Site logistics.

  • ect.